Holding an Intervention Can Save Your Loved One’s Life

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Confronting a loved one in Northern California is possible with the help of licensed professionals

Interventions are designed to confront the addict with their disorder with the help of licensed professionals. The goal is to convince the struggling individual to seek help and go to a treatment program. Interventionalists confront the addict’s acceptance and ambivalence toward their substance abuse, and they help the family approach the addict with a loving, accepting and motivating attitude instead of allowing the discourse to devolve into negativity and blame. Interventions are intended to open a channel of communication that otherwise could not exist in the addict’s life. The people present at an intervention reassure the addict that they do not need their substance of choice, and that there are resources available to help them overcome their cycle of abuse.

Motivational interviewing is at the heart of the intervention process, and licensed professionals are well equipped to conduct and lead this kind of discourse. The interventionalist will first give the addict a chance to speak and air their concerns, then the interventionalist will point of discrepancies between the client’s goals and their current abusive lifestyle. Instead of dismissing the addict’s initial resistance, the interventionalist will adjust the flow of conversation to acknowledge and offer solutions to the worries of the addict. This is all done with a positive and optimistic outlook that centers on the idea that the addict can succeed instead of drowning them in their failures. To find out more about how to stage an intervention, call 614-502-6247.

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