Conquering Alcohol Use Disorder

By Acknowledging Alcoholism, You Can Regain Control of Your Life

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What Exactly is Alcohol Dependency?

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) affects over 17 million people. A person becomes an alcoholic after prolonged use, causing them to rely on alcohol to produce needed chemicals in their brains that have stopped being produced because of the constant presence of alcohol. Alcoholism can run in families, and it can also develop in individuals with no history of alcoholism. Some of the signs of AUD are: spending a large amount of time drinking, drinking to relieve stress, lying about having consumed alcohol, drinking to avoid withdrawals, drinking even when it interferes with daily responsibilities and drinking more to reach the desired level of intoxication. In order for a person suffering from AUD to successfully obtain treatment for their disorder, they must first admit that they have a problem with alcohol consumption. Once you or a loved one recognizes that AUD is occurring, steps can be taken to recover from the disorder. AUD recovery starts with a medical detox to address the physical symptoms of addiction. It is then followed by therapy services, which are conducted on an individualized level as well as in group sessions. Finally, ways to overcome the temptation to relapse are addressed. To begin your path to AUD recovery, call 614-502-6247 to discuss your treatment options.

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