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In-Patient and Out-Patient Services

The addiction treatment journey starts with an in-patient program. In-patient programs are residential programs designed to provide 24-hour medical care. This type of treatment allows the addict to participate fully in the recovery process without outside distractions by providing on-site care and regular therapy sessions. The addict does not have to worry about the details of daily existence and instead is given the chance to fully focus on themselves as they undergo a medical detox and supportive therapy services tailored to their needs. By allowing the addict time to focus solely on their addiction, they are afforded a higher chance at sustained sobriety once they graduate the in-patient program.

Out-patient services begin once an addict has graduated from in-patient services and has completed their physical detox. The individual in treatment will live on their own and travel to the rehabilitation center in order to receive intensive and individualized therapy services. While support and structure are offered, the addict has the opportunity to participate in activities outside of the center, such as employment, relationships and self-determined socialization. The therapy offered will help the addict develop a healthy sense of self outside of their addiction spiral while identifying personal strengths and skills.

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